Trench Heating
Trench heating is set into the floor of the building, producing a warm air curtain which off-sets down draught and heat loss from window areas, for example, especially effective where floor to ceiling glass is a consideration. Our Hydrocourse Trench heating range are silent, low maintenance and discrete, suitable for many applications including; offices, schools, colleges, libraries, hospitals, churches, airports and light industrial premises.

Manufactured to order in any casing size and architectural layout. Typical applications: offices, showrooms, airports, transport hubs and public buildings.
Fan assisted version of the popular Dunham-Bush Hydrocourse heating system. Fans are included to boost the natural heat convection. A discrete and contemporary heating solution which can be very sympathetic to the aesthetics of its installed location.
Dunham-Bush Trench Finvector provides natural convection heating around the room perimeter and produces a warm curtain of air, off-setting down-draught and heat loss to ensure comfortable conditions. It is suitable for operation with a pumped hot-water or low pressure steam system.