Fan Coil Unit (Dunham-Bush Ocelot)

Ocelot fan coil units are built to our highest engineering standards, with the latest design and manufacturing technology, Ocelot is the ideal solution where a cased vertical fan coil is required.

Based upon our popular Puma vertical chassis unit, units are available in the same 7 sizes. Motors are energy efficient EC controlled by an internal or external 0-10V signal. Careful consideration has been given to safe site handling and ease of access to all serviceable items. Designed to offer maximum site flexibility, the Ocelot is a versatile and user-friendly product for public or private/commercial buildings, in particular server rooms.

Efficient Cooling and Heating

Ocelot provides a quiet solution to cooling and heating, with low noise air movement provided by efficient centrifugal fans and rapid response to cooling or heating demand provided by a compact heat exchanger coil block.

Flexibility Is The Key

Ocelot is available as either a low wall/floor standing top outlet unit or a front outlet unit for high wall and recessed applications. Inlet options include legs or grille plinth for floor mounting or perforated inlet guard for high level applications.

Access For Maintenance

Ocelot fan coils have a generous integrated access panel allowing easy access to the filter, motors and controls. On the low wall/floor standing model, the main access panel is secured using two screws accessed from under the hinged discharge grille. On the front discharge model the access panel is secured by two quarter turn locks. The casing is sized such that control valves and condensate pumps can be accommodated within the casing.

Fan Assemblies

Ocelot includes high efficiency electronically commutated (EC) motors with low specific fan powers (SFP).

Each fan/motor assembly is independently mounted onto the floating bulkhead, isolating them from the unit chassis, reducing resonance and casing breakout noise. On standard EC motor units fan speed control is via a fan speed potentiometer or 2-10V DC control signal by others.

Condensate Pans

Ocelot fan coil units feature a condensate pan formed from stainless steel. The ‘V’ formed pan creates a positive seal against the coil preventing any air bypass and is fabricated to provide a positive fall in two directions to the central outlet at its lowest end.

The 22mm OD drain connection is located in a sump to ensure the condensate drains completely.

Adaptable Controls Box

Ocelot units are supplied with a well ventilated IP20 control box fitted with a one metre flying lead for connection to an adjacent fused spur. Electrical work can be easily performed via the hinged control box lid giving access to all components in the control box to either stand-alone or DDC controls.

Also housed in the box are the mains fuse holder complete with a spare fuse and transformer. It is electrically connected to the fan/motor(s) via a quick release connector, a feature that enables it to be disconnected from the unit for refurbishment or to be retrofitted subsequent to the installation of the unit.

Key Features

Simple range of size options

  • Seven unit sizes in range of four sizes with multiple fan options

Robust casing

  • Precision fabrication with CNC punched and folded casing and chassis components
  • Rigid construction in stiffened 1.2mm thick powder coated steel

Excellent acoustics

  • Plenums lined with 12mm open cell acoustic foam with optional attenuators
  • Forward curved centrifugal fans isolated from the chassis on a floating bulkhead

High performance cooling and heating

  • Integral heat exchanger coil block with dedicated cooling and heating sections
  • Copper tube with ‘AC’ profile aluminium fins for better heat transfer
  • Compatible with CHW and LPHW systems with or without glycol treatment

Responsive waterside control

  • Rapid response to cooling and heating demand
  • Optional 2 port or 4 port (3 port + bypass) control valves

Effective condensate removal

  • Precision condensate pan to minimise air bypass
  • Condensate pan is graded in two directions to provide rapid removal of condensate

Energy efficient variable air supply

  • Electronically commutated (EC) motors with 0-10VDC signal speed control (on-board with fitted fan speed potentiometer or external BMS control)
  • Low specific fan powers (SFP) between 0.1W/l/s to 0.4W/l/s

Bespoke control strategy

  • Flexible cooling and heating outputs
  • Variable CHW and LPHW flow rates with variable air volume

Easy commissioning and maintenance

  • Hinged control box lid
  • Removable washable inlet air filters
  • Removable access panel
Product literature, manuals and BIM models can be found using the icons at the top of this page or within our support pages when available. Please call our Customer Service team on +44(0)23 9247 7700 or email [email protected] for additional assistance.