Dunham-Bush Covid-19

We are now in the aftermath of the countrywide lockdown imposed by the Covid-19 pandemic and technologies are emerging which are being considered to mitigate or minimise the risks from the SARS-CoV-2 virus; some of these technologies are being proposed for inclusion in HVAC systems.

Current guidance includes CIBSE’s Covid-19 Ventilation Guidance. This guidance is useful for owners, occupiers as well as designers and installers and includes advice for fan coil units: “However, if there is a good outdoor air ventilation supply (either mechanical or natural) to the room/zone then the action of the fan coil unit fan will help de-stratify the air and reduce the chance of pockets of stagnant air, helping to dilute any airborne pathogens.” (page 18 - CIBSE Covid-19 Ventilation Guidance Version 3 13 July 2020)

Dunham-Bush Limited are specialists in the design and manufacture of an impressive range of Chillers, Fan Convectors, Fancoils, Radiant Panels and Trench perimeter heating for a vast array of applications, specialising in commercial, institutional, medical and industrial environments. Products specifically suited to secure institutional areas and those where safety are paramount also form part of our impressive product portfolio. Airports, hospitals, schools, colleges, factories, offices, shops and warehouses - wherever you may be there is a good chance that you have been kept comfortable by our products.

For further information on using our products during the Covid-19 pandemic and further information on the products themselves, please call us on 02392 477700 or email us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Please stay well.