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Published in Heating and Ventilating Review, December 2018

With over 100 years experience of designing, manufacturing and supplying a global market with reliable, high quality and ecologically friendly heating and cooling products, Dunham-Bush is in a unique position to offer specifiers a single source supply for a comprehensive range of technically advanced products.

From high capacity packaged chillers to super safe low surface temperature radiators, the Dunham-Bush range, produced at our Havant, Hants factory is one of the most extensive on the market. Today the range includes fan convectors, trench, perimeter and radiant heating, warm air curtains, unit heaters and a comprehensive range of fan coil units to suit the demanding requirements of the many prestigious projects we have been involved with in the UK, Europe and the Middle East.

While packaged chillers have always featured in our extensive product offering, Dunham-Bush has been preparing for over two years to expand chiller production in the UK. Centralised purchasing, robust quality procedures, co-ordinated product development and participation in globally recognised product performance programs ensure that all our chillers are tailor made for the demands and requirements of the cooling market today.

To support the expansion of chiller production in the UK we have constructed a new testing facility at our Havant factory, which is now complete and provides us with the ability to test air-cooled chillers up to 1400kW and water-cooled chillers up to 8800kW.

Chiller Test Facility

The main client base for our heating products is broad, including as it does, institutional buildings, such as schools, hospitals, prisons, museums, hotels, leisure centres and even airports. Anywhere in fact, where quality, robustness, operating efficiency and great performance over many years is essential.

A typical and recent prestigious project saw our Panther fan coil units installed in the new global operating headquarters of the SKA (Square Kilometre Array), the world’s largest radio telescope, at Jodrell Bank, Cheshire.

These high specification Panther fan coil units have been specially engineered to meet this most demanding of applications.

Further afield, 446 Panther and Puma fan coil units were installed at the New Louvre, Abu Dhabi, both projects demonstrating our ability to deliver products that provide both high standards of comfort and environmental benefits resulting from combining maximum efficiency with low system emissions.

Jodrell Bank

Changes in building design and legislation provide new opportunities for Dunham-Bush to meet the very latest, testing requirements and excel with high efficiency fans and motors, intelligent controls and an awareness of the need for sustainability both throughout the manufacturing process and during the operating life of its products.

Dunham-Bush Series AM fan convectors are considered the bench mark for use in schools in the UK, where the company has worked to maintain the inherent quality of the products and this has earned us an enviable reputation for supplying products that last for many years in what are often the most demanding environments. Our ‘Big Cat’ fan coil units for example, include both slimline, and standard units in several configurations, all of which can be matched to both the thermal and acoustic requirements of just about any application. A range of options and unit configurations that include stainless-steel drain pans and easy access for cleaning are features offered across the range.

The recently introduced range of LST radiators using finned element exchangers is now established in the market. Simple assembly on site and easy access for cleaning were identified as essential features for these new products. True LST ratings, which include the grille, and independent verification of these ratings, sets the Dunham-Bush System LST apart from most similar products on the market.

A similar approach has been taken to radiant heating, which began with the development of ‘Dunham Strip’ for heavy industrial application and is now complemented by ‘Evolution’ and ‘Evo-Lite’ products aimed at the commercial and light industrial markets. All these products have their actual radiant performance independently verified.

Dunham-Bush Helios Chiller

Having all resources in-house at our UK factory allows us the flexibility to respond to changes in the elements of building design that remain dynamic throughout the construction process, a key prerequisite for today’s demanding specifier.

Mike Holding, MD

Energy efficiency is always a priority for all our products and the availability of new refrigerants is a major concern with packaged chillers, particularly as new refrigerants do not necessarily deliver improved efficiency. Reduced noise levels are a common requirement, but low noise levels tend to add cost to the product. These conflicts of interest mean there always needs to be a balance between commercial needs and technical performance. Reaching the optimal solution is the challenge which we, as a company, address every day, and part of this is to assist our customers in making the right decision when selecting the correct heating or cooling product to meet their needs.

As a blue chip manufacturer we are continually looking at ways to develop and improve our products and procedures, provide accurate performance data and comply with latest the legislation.

Future challenges for the industry have been well documented with skill shortages acknowledged to be at a dangerously low level and technological development moving at such a rapid pace that we believe there is an urgent need to address these issues while looking at the opportunities the industry can provide in the process.

Mike Holding, Managing Director

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