There are many opportunities to improve the Indoor Air Quality of classrooms by replacing or upgrading existing Fan Convector with SmartVector and Classmaster products
Dunham-Bush have been designing, manufacturing and supplying Fan convectors for installation in schools for more than 60 years. Multiple studies have confirmed that fan convectors are ideally suited to this application as they respond quickly to changing heat loads and occupancy. Durability, low maintenance, and reliability are standard features of Dunham-Bush Fan Convectors.
Dunham-Bush has embraced new technology in terms of fan/motor combinations, heat exchange technology and controls. While simple EM controls are still available, more intelligent controls are now offered. These offer improved efficiency with associated energy savings as well as additional features such as 'Boost' and 'Eco' modes along with CO² monitoring and control for units with fresh air introduction.
Dunham-Bush has always offered models with fresh air introduction controlled by dampers. With the recent attention to indoor air quality, Dunham-Bush has been involved in several projects where an existing Fan Convector installation has been upgraded to add fresh air introduction and CO² monitoring and control.
Part of these upgrades will include the use of fans with variable speed EC Motors, which are able to deliver the required quantities of fresh air to maintain CO² levels below the required level. Pre-occupation purge and free cooling are additional features available with 'SmartVector' and 'SmartVent' products.
Air quality in classrooms has a major bearing on the academic performance and productivity. Released by the government in 2018, BB101: 'Ventilation, thermal comfort and indoor air quality 2018' has been instrumental in the most significant changes in ventilation design, regulation and guidance in schools since 2006. Working in parallel with BB93: 'Acoustic designs for schools, performance standards (2015)', they provide guidance on how to achieve acceptable internal environments in schools.
The Dunham-Bush Smart-Vector range of fresh air fan convectors offer further innovative options to the client, ensuring recommended indoor air qualities (IAQ) are achieved. Smart-Vector provide demand-led tempered fresh air and heating using a stand-alone controller with local setpoint adjustment. Multiple units can be operated together in larger spaces.
There are five models in the range: floor standing front outlet and top outlet, high wall and ceiling mounted as well as a floor standing ducted tall cabinet front outlet model.
With nominal outputs ranging from 1.4kW to 14.6kW, the air volume flow rate through the unit will adjust automatically to maintain comfortable conditions as well as air quality by controlling a modulating fresh air damper.
Smart-Vector units are supplied with a wall mounted digital controller with integral CO2 and air temperature sensors. In addition, the controller can be integrated into a Modbus or BACnet BMS.
Each unit is complete with a frost protection thermostat and spring return actuator, 2 or 4-port valve and actuator and energy efficient EC motor. Maximum fan speed is infinitely adjustable to attain the necessary air flow without excessive noise on each unit. Stand-alone and master units also have low temperature cut-out (LTC) and temperature set- back for use during unoccupied periods.
The Smart-Vent controller is used in conjunction with Smart-Vectors and allows Building Managers to enable free cooling and purging of the space before occupancy. Smart-Vent is specifically designed for projects with multiple rooms or spaces that require independent control.
In addition to the functions shared with the stand-alone system, the Smart-Vent controller will provide both day and night free cooling and a pre-purge period, as selected by the Building Managers, using simple on/off enable switches.
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Where fresh air introduction is to be combined with Heat Recovery the Dunham-Bush VHR Classmaster range is available.
The Classmaster range of ventilation units has been developed for any building where indoor Air Quality and Heat recovery is required. The VHR 260 has been designed specifically for classrooms and along with all the VHR range of units now available from Dunham-Bush. It complies with the current BB101 and BB93 guidelines. With nine chassis sizes and airflows ranging from 50 to 600l/s, this range of products delivers the very highest standards of air quality to meet every requirement.
The unique configuration of low resistance heat exchangers, used in conjunction with long life, low energy EC fans, delivers minimal sound levels and an impressive heat reclaim efficiency up to 89%.
In line with the latest BB101 guidance bulletin, the Classmaster range of VHR units have the option of ePM2.5 (F7) filters for inner city installations.
With a low-profile height of only 300mm, Classmaster units can be installed within a ceiling void or surface mounted. Space heating options are available across the complete range of Classmaster VHR heat recovery and ventilation units, with a comprehensive range of frost and heating coils pre-installed in insulated casings and matched flanges to fit directly onto heat recovery units.
Dunham-Bush VHR units are offered with a range of versatile control arrangements for stand-alone operation or integration with the BMS system used at the installation. Additional ultra-low energy summer trickle mode and a full space heating facility using a re-circulation damper and LPHW coil are included in the programming.
The result of several years' research and development, these innovative products offer a proven solution to the requirements of BB101: 2018, available from Dunham-bush throughout the UK and Southern Ireland.