Trench Heating Dunham-Bush at Waverley Innovation Centre

Dunham-Bush trench heating systems provide a highly successful, tried and tested solution for keeping heat in and cold out in commercial buildings by combating the effects of down draughts on cold surfaces, such as large glazed areas and outside walls. This proved the perfect solution for the Building 3, an exciting new and ultra modern facility at the Advanced Manufacturing Park’s Technical Centre in Rotherham, one of the UK’s leading engineering, research and manufacturing facilities.

'Dunham-Bush HTA trench heaters were specified both for their aesthetic qualities and their high energy performance,’ said Russell Entwistle, Associate Mechanical Engineer with M&E Consultants, WYG. ‘The intention was to run continuously around the perimeter of the office space, offsetting the heat losses and down draughts from the glazed facade. The HTA units offered a continuous grille solution, including corner arrangements, which resulted in a high quality finish that integrated well within the raised floor system for the office.’

The Client was the Homes & Communities Agency (HCA), which helps create successful communities by making more homes and business premises available to the residents and businesses who need them and is a Government agency sponsored by DCLG. This new building provides flexible offices and workshops for up to 11 tenants involved in industries as diverse as aerospace, automotive, marine, petrochemical and power generation

Facilities within the complex include full heating in all areas, a reception with an informal meeting area, shower facilities, washing trough for workshop use and tenant kitchen areas, fully equipped with hot and chilled filtered water, microwaves and dishwashers.

Main contractor for the construction work is Britcon Construction and the heating installation work was carried out by Wytek Electrical & Mechanical Ltd. In total 190 metres of Dunham-Bush Hydrocourse heating system was installed, making it suitable for both low-pressure hot water and medium temperature hot water.

Dunham-Bush Trench Heating - Waverley Innovation CentreSystem flow and return temperatures are 70°C and 50°C while room temperatures are maintained at a comfortable 21°C Measuring only 240mm wide and 150mm deep, the trench system is also unobtrusive, with an aesthetically pleasing, anodised satin finish and stainless steel cross-bladed grilles and trim. A key feature of all Dunham-Bush trench systems is the even heat distribution along the length of the heat emitter, their controllability and overall efficiency in operation.

‘The trench heaters have performed well during the commissioning periods and post-handover’, said Russell Entwistle. ‘The heating demands of the space have been met by a low energy solution with heat provided by means of natural convection.’

The Advanced Manufacturing Park is recognised as one of the leading and most innovative engineering, research and manufacturing communities in the UK. The Technology Centre provides first class office accommodation, workshops and virtual tenancies. It is also a leading conference and events location with flexible, purpose-built facilities for up to 150 delegates. Offices can be provided serviced or unserviced. It also offers world-class innovation and incubation facilities, attracting both local and national interest.

‘It’s more than just a building, it’s a place where dynamic innovators meet likeminded individuals over coffee,’ said Centre Manager, John Palframan. ‘It’s a place where those who want to push the business and technology boundaries bring their products to show and share.’

The Centre attracts both local and national interest due to its central position, state of the art facilities and proximity to many groundbreaking organisations.