Series UH
Unit Heater (Dunham-Bush Series UH)

Dunham-Bush Unit Heaters offer an effective, efficient method of space heating, that is flexible enough to fulfil most industrial heating applications such as factories, warehouses and work shops.

The attractively styled, rigid casings are finished in 'Flake Grey' durable epoxy polyester powder coating and are fitted with high quality components which ensure reliable trouble-free operation.

The basic unit range consists of four casing sizes (1, 2, 3 and 4), each with the option of four hot water coils (A,B,C and D) and one steam coil (S).

Infinately variable electronically commutated (EC) fan motors with 'Owlet' fans suitable for a 230V single phase electrical supply. Fans are controlled by either fitted or remote speed potentiometer or remote analogue input with optional on/off relay control.

To give maximum flexibility of application, basic unit heaters are suitable for horizontal or vertical discharge. A basic unit consists of a casing, heating coil, adjustable discharge louvre and motor / axial fan assembly.

For even greater flexibility, the basic unit is enhanced by a range of accessories to meet almost every application.

These optional accessories can help to enhance the required performance of the Dunham-Bush Unit Heaters.
Wide Spread Discharge Produces a wider spread of heated air. Two sets of louvres are individually adjustable.
Discharge Cone For vertical application. Increased vertical air throw and mounting height.
Discharge Nozzle Increases air throw and provides angled discharge.
Filter Box Provides filtration of inlet air.
Inlet Box Mixing Box
Wall / Wall Mounting Brackets Wall / Ceiling brackets are used to mount units directly on a wall or directly below a ceiling, thus eliminating the need for drop rods.

Note 1. If wall / ceiling brackets are ordered, the standard hanging plates are omitted.

Note 2. Wall / Ceiling brackets are not suitable for use with mixing boxes.

Contactor Switch For manual control of fan motors or for automatic control if used with a room thermostat.
Room Thermostat For automatic space temperature control.
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