Perimeter Heating (Dunham-Bush Finvector)

Finvector Perimeter Heating has been applied to heat many types of buildings such as office blocks, schools, colleges, universities, libraries and hospitals. It is usually located around the perimeter of a building along the external walls, where the greatest heat loss often occurs, but it is also suitable for installation on any plain, vertical surface.

Finvector is particularly suitable for installation beneath large glass areas featured in many modern buildings, since it offsets down draughts and ensures comfortable conditions.

Finvector is ideally suited for heating large spaces, subsequently to be divided into smaller units. The design and construction of the casing is such that the modular features of the building can be matched, permitting partitioning to be re-sited at will, without the necessity to make major alterations to the heating equipment.

Alternatively, where the application is non-modular, the design permits flexibility and adjustment to the overall length of casing, due to the overlap of the front plate on the make-up plates, end caps and corner pieces.

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