Heat Recovery & Ventilation
Heat recovery systems utilise the heat from exhaust air to pre-heat the cooler incoming air. Warm air is therefore not wasted but reclaimed resulting in reduced energy usage and cost. When combining fresh air with this process you have the ability to refresh and re-invigorate the air within the enclosed heating space without the need for open windows or outside vents.
Key features include a patented variable air mass flow heat exchanger, which maintains thermal efficiency at both 100% and 50% airflow levels by cleverly keeping turbulent velocity airflow across the heat exchanger. This is not possible with conventional heat exchangers, as airflow goes into a laminar flow with no exchange of thermal energy.
The unique configuration of low resistance heat exchangers, used in conjunction with 100,000 hour long life, low energy EC fans, delivers minimal sound levels and an impressive heat reclaim efficiency up to 89%.