Series BM
Fan Convector (Dunham-Bush Series BM)

BM Comfort Fan Convectors comprise a basic galvanised sheet metal casing with access panel, fan and motor platform, air filter, hot water heating coil and electrical connections box. A single phase electric heating coil can be supplied instead of a hot water coil, with an output of up to 6kW.

Heaters are supplied for single or two speed operation. Single speed heaters are set to low, medium or high speed. Two speed heaters are set to low/medium, low/high or medium/high speeds. Both fan and heat control is by means of switches and/or thermostats.

For a large room it is usually better to select two smaller heaters rather than one large heater, this will achieve better heat distribution and lower spot noise levels. Wherever possible heaters should be located near windows or in areas of high heat loss. It is recommended that heaters are selected to operate at medium speed for rooms where noise levels are critical. Heaters should only be selected at high speed for non critical application, such as entrance foyers, corridors etc. or for initial rapid warm up. Sound power levels are available on request.

By design, Dunham-Bush Fan Convectors have moderate leaving air temperatures to reduce stratification as well as low outlet velocities and low air throws to improve comfort.

Comfortable conditions are achieved by good air circulation - it is recommended that if practical, the total volume of air should be circulated through all heaters in the room four or five times per hour.

Each model in the BM Series can be supplied with a wide range of fitted or remote accessories. These include:-

  • Fitted or remote thermostats
  • Low temperature cut-out (LTC)
  • Remote switches
  • Electrical heating coil
  • Electronic speed control
  • Special controls
  • Various types of inlet, damper and spigot boxes, spigot plates, plinths, isolating valves and grilles
Product literature, manuals and BIM models can be found using the icons at the top of this page or within our support pages when available. Please call our Customer Service team on +44(0)23 9247 7700 or email [email protected] for additional assistance.