Series AM
Fan Convector (Dunham-Bush Series AM)

AM Comfort fan convectors comprise of a sheet metal casing with lockable access panel, motor/fan platform, auto transformer, air filter and hot water heating coil. A single phase electric heater coil can be supplied instead of a hot water coil on heaters with an output up to 6KW. Depending upon the model selected, grilles are either fitted to the casing or loose grilles can be supplied as an accessory, for internal use.

Heaters are supplied for a single or dual fan speed operation. Single speed heaters are set to low, medium or high speed. Dual speed heaters are set to low/medium, low/high or medium/high speeds. Fan/heat control is by means of switches and/or thermostats.

Ceiling mounting models 28, 30, 31 and 34 are generally less effective than floor mounted models, since the entering air temperature is higher at ceiling level and the warm buoyant discharge air may cause stratification and take longer to produce comfortable conditions at occupancy level. For those reasons, we recommend floor or wall mounting models, where the application allows.

The versatile range of 22 standard models, each produced in four casing lengths and two coil hot water types, allows series AM Fan Convectors to be used for many applications, such as: Schools, Colleges, Elderly Persons' Homes, Libraries, Offices and Churches.

From the range of standard models, it can be seen that there are models suitable for floor, wall and ceiling mounting within the room being heated. Models 15, 23,41 and 92 are intended for installation in an adjacent room. Where it is necessary to conceal heaters within the building fabric or ceiling void, we recommend our basic uncased series BM fans convectors.

Models 19, 22.53 and 88 can be used for heating, ventilating and 'free cooling' as they allow the introduction of tempered primary or outside air through the fan convector. These models have a manually operated damper but a motorised damper can be fitted as an accessory, during manufacture. If outside air is to be introduced during the heating season, the hot water coil must have frost protection. Weatherproof louvres must be supplied by others.

Care should be taken to ensure heaters are sited so that there are no obstructions directly in front of them, which could affect air circulation. This is particularly important when using reversed air flow models 37 and 41, and any model with electric heating.

Product literature, manuals and BIM models can be found using the icons at the top of this page or within our support pages when available. Please call our Customer Service team on +44(0)23 9247 7700 or email [email protected] for additional assistance.