Series 600
Fan Convector (Dunham-Bush Series 600)

The 600 Series Fan Convector is the ideal heating solution where wall space is not available and surface mounted ceiling units cannot be used. The unit is specifically designed for integration with ceiling grid applications such as in schools, colleges, offices, libraries and commercial properties. They are elegant in design but built to the same robust quality that is typical of all Dunham-Bush products.

600 Series fan convectors are free-suspended high-level heaters, designed to fit within a 600 x 600 'T' bar false ceiling grid system. They provide warm-air heating when used with low or medium temperature hot water.

The standard finish is a white polyester powder coating to RAL 9010 30% gloss, with grilles finished in the same. Accessories include remote automatic temperature controls, as well as user switches which can be fitted or remote and access panels which are lockable to prevent tampering with the heater.

600 Series fan convector heaters are suitable for most applications, where high-level free suspended heaters with front discharge and re circulation grilles are desirable.

Having an overall nominal size of only 590 x 590mm, 1190 x 590mm and 1790mm x 590mm, 600 Series fan convectors are designed for direct integration into a 600 x 600 ceiling grid application, but care should be taken to ensure heaters are sited so that there are no obstructions directly beneath, as this could affect air circulation.

Typical applications include: Schools, Colleges, Elderly Peoples' Homes, Libraries and Offices.

It is recommended that heaters are selected to operate at medium speed for general use or at low speed for rooms where noise levels are particularly important. Heaters should only be selected at high speed for non critical applications, such as entrance foyers, corridors etc. or for initial rapid warm up. Sound power levels are available on request.

Wherever possible, the total volume of the room should be circulated through the sum of the heaters a minimum of three to four times per hour and ideally four to five times per hour. When convenient heaters should be located near windows or in areas of disproportionately high heat loss.

By design, Dunham-Bush fan convector heaters have moderate leaving air temperatures, low outlet velocities and low air throws. Comfortable conditions throughout the heated space are achieved by good air circulation.

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