Fan Coil Unit (Dunham-Bush Puma)

The Puma is an adaptable, easy to use range of fan coil units, with inherent quality, that will perform quietly and powerfully for many years to come.'Puma' fan coil units are built to no-compromise engineering standards using only the most modern and reliable components available. Combined with the very latest design and manufacturing technology, the 'Puma' provides the ideal solution to achieve even the most exacting thermal and noise criteria.

Careful consideration has been given to safe site handling, fast and simple installation, and ease of access for maintenance. Designed to offer maximum site flexibility, the 'Puma' is one of the most versatile and user friendly products available in today's market.

Flexibility Is The Key

The 'Puma' uses a non handed, dual purpose coil block covered by a stainless steel 'V' formed condensate pan, terminating with a central drain point at the lowest end of the tray. The same components are used on units with both left handed and right handed connections, allowing the complete coil and condensate pan assembly to be reversed on site. The reversible discharge panel is screw fixed to the chassis, enabling the orientation of the supply air spigot to be changed between front and top facing.The access panel and filter are interchangeable, permitting the return air to be drawn from either the front or the bottom of the unit.

Modifications to the handing of the connections, and both the inlet and discharge configurations can be completed on site without the need for any additional parts or metalwork. The added facility to relocate the controls box from one side of the unit to the other provides the 'Puma' with the flexibility to accommodate site layout changes and client fit-outs.

Simple Access For Maintenance

Removing large unwieldy access panels secured by 10-20 screws has made life difficult for the maintenance engineer in the past. Special consideration has been given to overcoming these problems and the resultant Puma now brings a 'breath of fresh air' to maintenance tasks. The main unit access panel is retained using quarter turn 'quick release' push fit fasteners and provides access to the fan/motor assemblies and the filter.

The panel is merely 219mm in height and is therefore easy to handle as well as simple to remove. Each fan/motor assembly is mounted separately onto the main bulkhead plate and is connected electrically via a quick release connector to facilitate removal.

Electrical and controls work can be easily carried out via a large hinged cover providing access to all components. The discharge panel, which is screw-fixed to the chassis, can be removed, allowing access to the coil. The stainless steel condensate pan can be completely removed from the side of the unit, allowing routine cleaning and maintenance to be carried out.

Quiet, Powerful Operation

The Puma incorporates high performance, external rotor motor fans as standard. This design concept improves longevity by reducing the mechanical and thermal stress on the 'sealed for life' bearings and provides constant speed at different loads due to the high inertial mass of the motor. Furthermore, the unique integration of both rotating components, the motor and impeller, allows the precision balancing of the assembly.

The fan/motor assemblies are individually mounted on a 'floating' bulkhead plate, isolating them from the rest of the unit chassis, reducing resonance and casing break-out noise. Controlling the fans using an auto transformer ensures greater performance flexibility.

Seventeen fan speeds are available via six main transformer tappings, each linked to three 'Fine Adjust' settings for accurate commissioning. Use of the highest quality components available is never more important than in the case of the fan(s)/motor(s) to ensure that quiet and powerful operation is consistently achieved year after year.

Long Life Stainless Steel Condensate Pans

Puma fan coil units incorporate stainless steel condensate pans as standard. By using stainless steel, cleaning is made easier whilst the resistance to corrosion is increased, vastly improving the longevity of the pan. The fully welded 'V' formed pan is mounted to provide a positive fall in two directions to the central outlet at its lowest end. The 22mm OD stainless steel outlet is located in a recessed hole in the bottom of the pan, ensuring that condensate drains completely. The externally insulated pan is retained by the unit chassis, removing the need for screw fixings in the pan itself. The inherent strength of the stainless steel pan and outlet offers vital protection against accidental site damage.

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