Fan Coil Unit (Dunham-Bush Lynx)

The Lynx is a cost effective range of fan coil units designed to perform quietly and powerfully for many years to come.

Lynx fan coil units are built to no-compromise engineering standards using the best value components available. Combined with the latest design and manufacturing technology, the Lynx provides the ideal solution where the most exacting thermal and noise criteria is demanded on a finite budget.

Careful consideration has been given to safe site handling and ease of access to all serviceable items. Designed to offer maximum site flexibility, the 'Lynx 'features amongst the most versatile and user-friendly products available.

Flexibility Is The Key

The Lynx uses a non-handed, dual-purpose coil block within a galvanised steel 'V 'formed condensate pan, terminating with a central drain connection at it 's lowest point. A single design is used on both RH and LH configurations allowing the complete coil and condensate pan assembly to be reversible on site without the need for any additional components. The discharge plenum is supplied with spigots fitted at customer specified positions and a single blanking plate, all of which are screw fixed to facilitate spigot interchange on site. The additional facility to re-locate the control box from one side of the unit to the, other ensures the 'Lynx 'is amply flexible to accommodate site layout changes and client fit-outs.

Access For Maintenance

Filters are simple to remove for cleaning; they withdraw from either the rear or side of the unit without the use of tools or need to remove panels. Models 4 to 7 are supplied with split filters for easier removal and handling.

The main access panel is secured using four sets crews, which are retained during the removal of the panel due to the use of 'keyhole 'slots,and provides access to the condensate pan and fan/motor assemblies. Each fan/motor is independently mounted onto the main bulkhead to enable easy removal of an individual assembly in the unlikely need of replacement.

The condensate pan is held in place using four corrosion proof quarter turn 'quick release 'fasteners,allowing removal for both cleaning and coil access. Electrical work can be easily performed via two hinged covers giving access to all components in the control box.

Quiet, Powerful Operation

The Lynx incorporates thermally protected internal rotor motors fitted with 'sealed for life 'bearings. Combinations of single and double shaft motors are used to generate the several fan permutations necessary for the entire range. Each fan/motor assembly is independently mounted onto the floating bulkhead, isolating them from the unit chassis, reducing resonance and casing breakout noise. Fan speed control is via an autotransformer, which ensures greater performance flexibility. Six main transformer tappings, together with three fine adjustment tappings, make seventeen fan speeds available for accurate commissioning.

Condensate Pans

Lynx fan coil units feature a fully welded galvanised steel condensate pan. The 'V 'formed pan creates a positive seal against the coil preventing any air bypass and is mounted to provide a positive fall in two directions to the central outlet at its lowest end. The 22mm OD stainless steel drain connection is located in a unique sump to ensure the condensate drains completely. The rigidity of the folded component offers extra protection against accidental site damage.

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