Fan Coil Unit (Dunham-Bush Concierge)

The Concierge meets the need for a fan coil unit that is quick and easy to install, for simple ceiling void co-ordination. The Dunham-BushConcierge fan coil unit has been developed specifically for hotel applications and provides an integrated low cost solution. The Concierge does not compromise room aesthetics, combining generous integral discharge attenuation offering low noise operation for accommodation areas.

A state of the art control package allows integration with the Building Management System (BMS), requiring no more than a key press from reception to bring the room temperature to an ideal comfort level. The standard control package includes end-user interface, with additional inputs for door and window contacts, light switches, and incorporates a DDC facility to the network. Setback or shutdown modes provide economical operation and the microprocessor controller exercises the valves during idle periods to ensure reliability.

The access panel on the Concierge forms the ceiling beneath the unit, all of the fittings, e.g. spigots, that protrude beyond the extremities of the access frame can be removed from within the chassis in order that the entire unit may be removed and refitted without the need to damage the surrounding ceiling.

Our state of the art sheet manufacturing facility guarantees that every Concierge produced will perform at 100% of its design capability, through a rigorous quality inspection process.

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