Fan Coil Units
High performance units providing comfort cooling and heating when used with chilled and hot water. Air volume, low noise and budget constraints are all catered for with our extensive range of Fan Coil units.

Typical applications include office buildings, hotels, restaurants and department stores.
Cassette type unit with bulkhead discharge, designed specifically for hotel bedrooms, with built in acoustic attenuators, metal drop down access panels and low sound levels as standard. Designed to minimise the time required for servicing and maintenance, ideal for hotel guest rooms.
180mm deep horizontal chassis equipped with single entry fans accessible from below for use in shallow ceiling voids where ceiling height is limited.
Similar in construction and features to the Panther, but contained in 230mm deep chassis where ceiling void space is more restricted.
Developed to address the high volume residential and commercial sector where energy efficiency and low noise levels have become a standard requirement. The Lynx uses the latest EC motors driving all metal fans, installed in a 280mm deep horizontal chassis. A wide range of control options, acoustic attenuators and water control valves make the Lynx ideal for many applications in its standard configuration. Quick delivery and available at a highly competitive price to suit the market for which it has been designed, the Lynx is a high quality fan coil unit ideally suited to today’s market.
Based upon our popular Puma vertical chassis unit, units are available in the same 7 sizes. Motors are energy efficient EC controlled by an internal or external 0-10V signal. Careful consideration has been given to safe site handling and ease of access to all serviceable items. Designed to offer maximum site flexibility, the ‘Ocelot’ is a versatile and user-friendly product for public or private/commercial buildings, in particular server rooms.
High specification 280mm deep horizontal chassis with waterside controls and EC motors. The Panther range has been extended and improved over time with all models now featuring EC external rotor motor or twin shaft motors. A comprehensive range of inlet and discharge acoustic attenuators for applications where noise is a critical feature of the building design. This high specification unit aimed at the premium fan coil unit market, offering exceptional features and quality, available in a range of standard and specially engineered configurations to suit the most demanding of applications.
High specification 235-248mm deep vertical fan coil units available in chassis (Puma) or cased configuration (Ocelot).