Door Curtain (Dunham-Bush Sentry)

Sentry Door Curtains are the ideal solution to entrance problems in commercial and retail premises where doorways are permanently open for high levels of pedestrian traffic.

The technology of door curtains is well proven; a heated airstream above an open doorway provides a virtual barrier which separates indoor and outdoor environments, reducing heat losses and conditioning incoming air.

This is achieved with no restriction to pedestrian traffic through the doorway.

Sentry door curtains are designed and manufactured to a high quality that is synonymous with Dunham-Bush products, complemented with a wide range of options to suit most applications.

Sentry door curtains are available four models - each model with the left or right handed coil connections and top or back pipe entry into the casing.

Cased horizontal unit (CH), Cased vertical unit (CV), Basic chassis horizontal unit (BH) and Basic chassis vertical unit (BV).

Each model is available in three basic sizes (figure number).

  • Fig 10 - 1000mm (1000mm doorway or less)
  • Fig 15 - 1500mm (1000mm - 1500mm doorway)
  • Fig 20 - 2000mm (1500mm - 2000mm doorway)
Product literature, manuals and BIM models can be found using the icons at the top of this page or within our support pages when available. Please call our Customer Service team on +44(0)23 9247 7700 or email [email protected] for additional assistance.