Dunham-Bush Fan Coil Unit In Cambridge College

Dunham-Bush has supplied Cambridge Regional College (CRC) with their latest Lynx Fan Coil Units and complete control systems, which have been installed in their workshops by apprentices on their Heating & Ventilating Level 2 course.

Cambridge Regional College, working alongside employers, provide comprehensive training for their apprentices who attend the college on a day release programme over a period of four years. A significant part of the training at CRC is to offer simulated installation conditions and this has been greatly enhanced by Dunham-Bush providing their latest innovative products for full 'hands on' training as close to actual site conditions as possible.

'It is well known that educational establishments do not always have the financial resources to equip their workshops as they would like,' commented Martin Johnson, Programme Leader at CRC. 'They often have to rely on the generosity of manufacturers such as Dunham-Bush to assist in supplying the equipment for apprentices to work with'.
'It's good to see manufacturers helping the college by supplying equipment, said Level 2 student apprentice Jon Whitworth,' We benefit by being able use and install the equipment in the workshops rather than on site'.
Mike Holding M.D. of Dunham-Bush stated, 'All of the team at Dunham-Bush are delighted to be able to support the next generation of H & V engineers'. CRC will continue to require further equipment to keep up with the latest technologies and the increasing student numbers. Only by collaborating and being supported by manufacturers like Dunham-Bush will CRC be able to train apprentices to the high levels that are now required by the H & V industry.

To find out more about Dunham-Bush and any of our products visit www.dunham-bush.co.uk, or call our Hampshire-based head office on 02392 477 700.