Dunham-Bush New Chiller Range

Dunham-Bush is to manufacture chillers in the UK for the first time in nearly twenty years as it launches a comprehensive range of air and water-cooled packaged chillers. Dunham-Bush has been at the forefront of manufacturing and distributing products for the HVAC industry for more than 100 years and the new range will reinforce its reputation for innovative, cutting edge technology. The new chillers will also be produced at the Dunham Bush Group's manufacturing facilities in Malaysia, China and at a new factory in North America to cater for global demand.

'Centralised purchasing, robust quality procedures, coordinated product development and participation in internationally recognised product performance programs ensure all Dunham-Bush chillers are highly efficient, competitively priced and will provide many years of reliable service,' said Mike Holding, Managing Director of Dunham Bush Ltd 'Bringing chiller manufacture to the UK will also ensure ready availability and enable us to further enhance our presence in this important sector of the market in Europe, the Middle East and Africa'.

While the recently introduced and updated packaged chiller range is available now, UK production will commence with a range of air cooled, scroll compressor packaged chillers. This range features compact 'V' condenser coil arrangements, which can be specified with low noise and low ambient configuration. Model ACDS 040 and larger have twin, tandem and trio compressors on multiple refrigerant circuits. Dunham-Bush ACDS chillers are available in a capacity range from 35kW - 630kW, and operate as standard on R410a refrigerant.

A larger range of air-cooled packaged chillers is also available which incorporate Dunham-Bush screw compressors. The AVX-B range of chillers is available in 13 standard models with cooling capacities from 400kW to 1650kW. They feature a modular 'V' coil configuration with compressors installed within an acoustic enclosure as a standard feature. The compressor speed and capacity is controlled by an inverter drive ensuring excellent part load energy efficiency and reduced starting current. The 'flooded' evaporator design controlled by an electronic expansion device further improves the overall efficiency of the chiller at all levels of load. All AVX-B units are equipped with full microprocessor controls including a touch screen display. They are fully compatible with building management systems.

Several ranges of water-cooled chillers are available including the WCFX-V, which utilises single and multiple Dunham-Bush screw compressors across a range of 21 models with cooling capacities from 460kW to 2600kW. WCFX-V models incorporate inverter drives and are considered premium chillers for both commercial and industrial applications where specifiers, installers and building owners require maximum levels of quality and reliability as well as optimised performance at all levels of load. WCFX-V models are provided with a compact, efficient, well proven and robust, water-cooled packaged chiller the result of more than 45 years experience and continuous improvement of Dunham-Bush screw compressor products.

Complimenting the range of screw compressors, the company is also offering a range of centrifugal compressor-based water- cooled packaged chillers. The compressors installed on DCLC chiller models which range from 1000kW to 14000kW cooling capacity are also designed and manufactured by Dunham-Bush. Since their introduction more than 500 units have been put into service.

The DCLC-M range of chillers offers cooling capacities from 300kW to 2400kW. They feature two stage centrifugal compressors with magnetic bearings and EC motors, which give excellent part load performance and eliminate the need for oil within the system. All centrifugal packaged chillers from Dunham-Bush are equipped with full microprocessor controls and are compatible with most building management systems.

To find out more about Dunham-Bush and any of our products we invite you to explore www.dunham-bush.co.uk, or call our Hampshire-based head office on 02392 477 700.